Cloud Backup Service

Entrust your online backups to experts!

ITCloud - Backupenligne partenaire certifié - MicroExpert

► 100% automatic

► Secure transfer

► Encrypted files

► Historical backup


Protect your data with online or cloud backups, this is the future of backups for both individuals and small businesses. The benefits of online backups are many.

Data is encrypted and secure in data centers across Canada. This therefore alleviates problems of fire/water/theft/vendalism.

The backups are completely automated so you will never again be in the situation of having forgotten to make a backup, one of the major causes of data loss.

Finally, you have the ability of configuring backups with history and therefore get back several days or weeks. This can be interesting if you want to retrieve an earlier version of a document that has had several changes.

Monitored Backups

► 5$/50GB (monthly cost for an annual subscription)

Supervised Backups by ITCloud

► Packages "à la carte" starting at 14.95$ (monthly cost)

All of our solutions offer the same level of security, infrastructure and storage in Canada.