On-site/Mobile Computer Technician

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Do you have computer problems? Is your computer full of viruses, cookies, spyware or does not function properly anymore? Our on-site technical service will find the cure. If you need to fix a hardware or software problem or if you need any computer maintenance, we will be at your place assisting you in no time.

Computer maintenance and repair

► Computer that cannot start (hardware or software issue).
► Slow computer, badly configured or having hardware conflicts.
► Failure analysis and replacement of defective parts.
► Computer clean up: eradication of viruses, cookies and spyware.
► Computer upgrades (hardware and software)
     • We install software, operating systems, upgrades.
     • We install video cards, sound cards, scanners, printers... etc.

Local networks and Internet

► Install and configure Internet access for one or several users.
► Install and configure local networks and wireless networks to share files.
► Secure local network with firewall and encryption.
► Share peripherals (like a printer) among several users.

Other services

► Data backup and recovery following a system crash
► Lost password retrieval (Windows, Office and several other passwords)